AAT Level 3 Diploma in Accounting (Intermediate L3)

Course Date September 2013
Course Duration 12 months
Entry Requirements This course is suitable for anyone who is in an accounting function or wants to progress to become a qualified accountant. The learner must have an understanding of double entry bookkeeping including using ledger accounts and the journal, and should be familiar with interchangeable terminology including IAS and K GAAP. Candidates must be mature, capable and self motivated.
Course Outline The course is divided into 6 units – each unit containing a variety of learning outcomes; Accounts preparation Prepare final accounts for sole traders and parnterships Costs & revenues Indirect tax Spreadsheets software professional Ethics (personal learning and thinking skills)
Course Framework AAT L3 Certificate in Accounting (41 credits)
Course Aims Accounts Preparation is designed to develop basic double entry bookkeeping skills and knowledge, such as that acquired in the level 2 units processing book keeping transactions & control account, jounrals and banking systems. The learner will deal with more advanced and complex situations such as those needed for preparing final accounts. It consolidates learning at level 2 and introduces new areas such as accounting for fixed assets and using the extended trial balance
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